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UNIQLO’s Ever-Popular AIRism Mask Launches in Spring-Friendly Hues

Fast fashion juggernaut UNIQLO made waves last year when it launched its breathable and reusable AIRism face masks, updating a non-medical, COVID-19-transference-fighting essential with its fan-favorite tech. Just in time for spring, the retailer is launching a trio of new colors for the mouth and nose covering, breathing warm weather tones into the lightweight wearable.

Available in navy, blue and brown, the masks feature a triple-layer design that promises to minimize skin irritation thanks to its feathery mesh design. The base layer closest to the face features the breathable AIRism, the middle layer sports a non-woven filter to cut down on undesired air particle inhalation (though UNIQLO is careful to assert that its masks not guaranteed to stave off infection) and the outermost layer boasts a special mesh that reportedly blocks up to 90% of UV rays. Elastic ear straps ensure a comfortable fit.

Shop the new AIRism mask selection via UNIQLO’s website and stores, where a pack of three will run you $14.90 USD.

Most recently, UNIQLO served up a collaboration with celebrated author Haruki Murakami.

Newzcap Staff